Through our relationship with The Early X Foundation, we can take you through a Business Ideation program to explore new ideas, re-envision all or parts of your current business, or develop expansion opportunities leveraging current or potential resources and intellectual property.


• Developing strategic plans and related business plans
• Creating consumer-facing business development and marketing plans
• Strategizing changes to capital structures, including debt and equity transactions
• Supporting capital raises
• Providing detailed financial modeling
• Planning long-term exit strategies for business owners
• Assisting in financial planning
• Evaluating intellectual property portfolios, uncovering commercialization opportunities


• Managing new business development
• Performing marketing services
• Providing crisis management & turnaround services
• Providing clients with introductions for strategic relationships
• Supporting M&A services
• Managing cost reduction projects
• Assessing and restructuring accounting, financial and operational processes
• Managing post-acquisition integrations
• Performing operational restructuring
• Create and execute intellectual property strategy
• Executing other special projects
• Taking interim roles
o Chief Executive Officers
o Chief Financial Officers
o Chief Marketing Officers
o Chief Operating Officers